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At Encore we strive to make the recital experience a positive one for students and families. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming recitals please contact us:

  • PHONE: (631) 269-3844 or (631) 868-7272

Recital F.A.Q.'s

What are the benefits of having a year-end Recital?


  • Recitals allow students a performance opportunity where they can showcase their classroom work. Recitals motivate students to work towards a goal and instill a sense of teamwork, pride and accomplishment!

Does Encore offer classes where students do not have to perform in a year-end Recital?

  • All of our classes have a performance in the year-end recital, however it is optional. Students are not required to perform in the recital, yet will get the same attention and knowledge as the rest of the class.

Is the Recital at the same location each year?

  • Yes, we hold our recital at the Patchogue Theatre for Performing Arts every June.  We are so fortunate to get such a beautiful theatre.

What is covered with the price of admission?

  • The price of admission covers the theatre rental, Encore staff, programs, trophies, sound, lighting and stage technicians. Ticket prices also cover administrative costs related to ticket printing, box office services and the dress rehearsal.

Are the Recital shows different from each other? How many times does my child’s class have to perform on recital day?

  • The recital shows are completely different from each other, with the exception of an occasional number which may be seen in both shows. Classes typically perform in 1-2 shows depending on age and level.  We do this so we can get all siblings and students with multiple classes in the same show while keeping the shows as short as possible.  Most families love having their child perform more than once.



Why is there more than one Recital?

  • The number of recitals is directly related to three main factors; number of participants, show length and theatre size. At Encore we offer unlimited tickets for each family to purchase. It is also important to keep the show at a reasonable running time. The maximum length for a recital show is 3 hours.


  • While having more than one recital may be inconvenient for families, it is not possible to schedule all classes into a single show. At Encore, if all classes were in one recital the show would be 8 hours in length. As a result, multiple dance recitals are needed.  It is also a great way for your child to show off their talents more than once!



Do I have to pay for admission to both Recitals?


  • Admission is required for anyone wishing to sit in the audience for each recital, since the ticket price covers the cost of staging the recital. Parents may volunteer as an alternative to watching both recitals from the audience.


  • Each year Encore requires a number of volunteers to assist with monitoring students upstairs in the balcony. Volunteers will be backstage with their class, they can either run out to the audience to watch their class, or watch from the wings.  Volunteers generally sit with their class in the balcony so they get to see the whole show up there!



Will Encore dancers be able to see the show?

  • Yes! The best part about having the recital at the theatre is that the students will get to sit in the balcony and watch the show!




Is the dress rehearsal mandatory? How long will it take?


  • Yes, the dress rehearsal is mandatory, since it helps students to be better prepared for recital day. We find that students are more comfortable on recital day since they have already practiced on the stage.  In all fairness to all performers, students may not miss dress rehearsal or they are not permitted to dance in the recital.  We ask for conflicts for our dress rehearsals a few months in advance and we do our very best to honor all conflicts.

How do I know what tights and shoes are required for Recital?


  • We give one free pair of tights to each dancer.  That way there is no confusion on what tights you have to purchase.  Shoes required are the same show required for the class.



How do I know what accessories are required for Recital?

  • Every class is given a memo prior to the recital with all information on it.  In the rare case that you are required to purchase anything in addition to your costume, you will be made aware well before the recital.




What is the hairstyle for Recital?

  • Every class has a different hair style! This will be listed on your class memo prior to the recital! Or you may ask your teacher.

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